A Poet is born


Raneem Al Towirgi is an eleven years old, She is studying in advance learning school in Riyadh,& has entered a poet competition in school & has won the prize.

Raneem usually watches the news on T.V. & concerned abut the Palestinian dilemma. She is talented in poetry that helps her to express her feelings in a poem ” The Vital Ingredients for War” .

Darat Safeya Binzagr is wishing her more progress & achievements.

The Vital Ingredients for War
By: Raneem Al Towirgi.

Gather together ammunition and guns,Toss in brave soldiers and trucks,Add Hundreds of tanks and fighter planes,too,Whisk in two armies, young pilots and sailors,Drop in hatred, let the war begin.Sprinkle bombs and bullets over this disputed land.Fry up the homes with destruction and pain,Collect the bodies and lay in the ground,Pour in Hearts full of tears,Stir madly,Chop in the person who planned this terrible war,Bake with the palestinian flag under a blazing sun,Serve with cold revenge.Shred the governments’ heads.