The Library:

The artist Safeya Binzagr has moved her personal collection of books to the Darat where researchers or anyone who seeks knowledge can make use of it. The library’s shelves are stacked with a wide selection of educative books, both in Arabic and English, which document the work of great artists and famous literary figures from the East to the West. The Darat also receives periodically important research papers and academic theses that become valuable reference material.

-To ask about books and other references please use the form provided at the bottom of the page.

Children’s Library:

Safeya’s Darat motto is: When a child reads, he opens a small window to the world.” When friendship between a child and a book is enhanced, he is granted access to the world. Our library contains art books, histories and encyclopedias, in Arabic and in English. It also provides children with activity books that assist them indirectly in enriching their knowledge of the art world.

Audio-Visual Material:

The audio and video collection introduces world famous artists and shows their remarkable works as they are exhibited in international museums. The collection also acquaints visitors with the history of art in the world and offers instructional and educational material.

Request Information:

To enquire about books and other references, please use the form below:

Special thanks to all contributors for books
  • HRH Prince Faisal bin Abdullah
  • Mrs. Sahar Abou Sulaiman
  • Mr. Abdul Ghani Mahmood Sabbagh
  • Dr. Rateb Al-Ghouthani
  • Mr. Yousuf Al-Taweem
  • Al Mansoureya for Culture and Creativity Est.
  • Donation from Mrs. Hend Baeshen
  • Dr. Muhammad Al-Rusais
  • Mrs Ghada Laimoon